Anastasia Savoy

Anastasia Savoy

Anastasia Savoy is a half-demon/half-human who is one of the 3 main characters of the Dark Urban Rising trilogy. After a life under the thumb of the Abbot of Savoy, her father, she finally attains her freedom at the beginning of Fighting Spirit and is then plunged into a fight to keep it. Her story forms the main plot arc of the trilogy.

Anastasia Savoy is a hard-hitting anti-heroine who acts as her father’s muscle on Earth, killing whoever makes her father happy and earns her a solid payout. Things change when she her father dies and she’s accosted by the High Advocate at a fountain in Turin and told to unblock her walled-up soul or suffer the consequences.

Tazia is around 150 years old but has the appearance of her early twenties. She’s shortish, has messy, dirty-blonde hair, and an equally dirty mouth. As a half-demon she shares many of the physical characteristics of the vampire, is well-versed in magic (but finds it boring), is a great shot, a carries a Bowie knife. She doesn’t kill because she loves it – she kills because she has to.

[Tazia] played with a flap of skin that had been partly sliced from her palm by the rock face. She peeled it from her hand—a band of pink rubbery flesh—and flicked it to the pavement below her table. Immediately, the dark-suited lady demon sniffed the air and turned her head toward her, teeth chattering slightly at the smell of flesh. Her eyes flashed a brief hungry red. Grinning at the demon, Tazia pushed the flap of skin, now curled and speckled with dirt, further under the table with the toe of her boot, the metal toe cap tapping off the mosaic tiles. You want it, bitch? Get on your knees!

And here’s Conn O’Cuinn’s assessment when he first meets her:

… he liked what he saw. Really liked what he saw. Especially that smooth skin, wide-smiling mouth, and the way she moved her body. His assessment didn’t stop there either. He’d noted her weapons, smelled the blood on her boots, demon and human, and observed that in the short time Tazia had been in the club, she’d made a non-stop assessment of the place: exits, clientele, and the weapons each one of them carried. He also saw her intense interest in the holy water adaptation on his weapon. She was trying to figure it out.

Key Character Information

Tazia, Taz, Sahara Dune
Turin, Italy
Mixed Breed
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