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These higher beings were made by the Source at the dawn of the universe. Their role was to help perfect the planets, of which the Earth and its inhabitants (human-souls) were the greatest creations. Angels continue to exist to guide, heal, and defend those beings.

In this mythology, the original Angelic beings were created by the Source to perfect the world, its functions, and its future. Of all those creations, human beings were the greatest work. 

Of the first Angels there are 3 groupings: the Fallen (now known as the Infernal or Legacy Demons), the Loyalists (who continue to be loyal to the Source), and the Hidden (those angels who have chosen to leave Heaven and strive to bring about a world independent of the rules of the Source).

Each grouping is organised into hierarchies.

Angelic beings are created from “light-bodies” or extremely high-frequency energy and adopt the supernatural or physical forms that serve them best, including a human form when necessary. We see Jegudiel and Julie do this continually within the Dark Urban Rising trilogy.

Angelic beings of all classifications are highly-motivated, passionate, and intelligent. They have varying degrees of knowledge or the past, present, and future based on their role in the hierarchy. Many are highly-skilled warriors and never lose sight of their higher purpose–to defend the human soul and perpetuate the human race.

From Fighting Spirit:

She stretched herself, elongating each long limb, feeling the pulse of energy flowing just beneath the translucent skin. A bright yellowish light shone from her, collecting in layers like a second covering, and as she moved, a subtle amber trail was left behind.

Clairvoyance/Sixth Sense, Enhanced Strength/Speed, Fast Healing, Translocation, Camouflage/Invisibility
Hand-to-hand, Weaponry, Strategic Warcraft/Leadership
Not known/none
Angelic death blow
Loyalist or Status Quo
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