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Archangels remain the movers and shakers in the angelic community. The stand at the Source's right side and are powered by their force of belief in Its mission. They lead the other angelic factions and stand between them and direct access to the Source.

Fierce warriors in their own right, the Archangels lead, direct, punish, and love the other angels. Each Archangel has its own specific purpose and responsibility. They carry out the will of the Source without question, and on the surface this may appear to lead to destruction of the very thing they were created to protect–humans and the Earth they walk on.

Archangels are rarely seen on Earth, though they frequently visit either as invisible entities or in disguise. They rarely get their hands dirty anymore.

Archangels are strong willed and often ruthless. They lead the Hoard, the Watch, and the Advocates with an iron hand–and have also been known to make deals with demons if it benefits both sides to do so.

During the Demon War, the Archangels were divided, some supporting the Leeches, some supporting the Soldiers. The supporters of the latter are believed to have fought shoulder to shoulder with the Soldiers–something that was considered fiercely controversial at the time. Many of the angelic opposers to this strategy disappeared following the War and are believed to have joined the Hidden, though, as yet, there is no proof this is the case.

From Raw Deal:

Without a fanfare to announce his arrival, a tall thin man stood in front of him. He wore his long dark hair tied back with a black satin ribbon at the nape of his neck, and leather battle armor over a simple white tunic. If Conn had seen sandals on his feet, he thought he might puke, but his footwear was a solid leather boot.

The man looked around at the smoking remains of the vampires and nodded, a sedate smile on his face. “You did well.”

“It was a feckin’ rout, man.”

“Yes, I was watching.”

“But didn’t want to get any blood on yerself?”

“Not this time, Conn.”

Conn shook his head. “For sure you’re a sneaky bastard, Ezequiel. Get everyone else to do your dirty-work for you. Always been the same, so you have.”

Clairvoyance/Sixth Sense, Enhanced Strength/Speed, Fast Healing, Translocation, Camouflage/Invisibility
Hand-to-hand, Weaponry, Strategic Warcraft/Leadership
Not known/none
Angelic death blow
Loyalist or Status Quo
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