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In terms of their motivation, it would be too much of a generalization to state that all demons in the Dark Urban Rising world are predominantly driven by pure evil. That’s too simplistic. The worlds of Hell, Heaven, and the human world consistently overlap, as do the behaviors of the characters who drift from one to another.

However, it is accurate to say that the tendency towards evil is more likely to be a motivator for the demons than other characters. For example:

  1. If forced to choose between good and evil – demons will most likely go to the evil side, however if the rooting for good will bring them more power, status, money etc, they may be turncoats or support the “good” guys.
  2. For pure bred demons, status is everything. Even those who lead relatively peaceful lives will be motivated by the offer of status and power.
  3. If “peaceful” demons are threatened, their evil/demon selves will automatically jump to defense-mode and perform any atrocity to protect what’s theirs.
  4. Some demons are just out to destroy and will do so arbitrarily if there is no one to direct them, they will delight in causing mayhem, upset and destruction of human individuals.
  5. Unmotivated demons are the most dangerous.

From Fighting Spirit:


Loyalist or Status Quo
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