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Leeches – A group of purebreds who feed solely on human flesh and/or blood and/or bone. This group includes Vampires or course, but also lesser known demons who require only human remains to sustain them. This is the “royal” group that uses city or country boundaries to determine their areas. They will attempt to dominate and subdue any other group of demon/sub-demon in their geographical area and may attempt to reach agreement between themselves by using marriage or other intellectual agreements. Wars did often break out between royal families but peace has been established for some time.

Effective weapons against them: holy water will only scald and burn on skin – if ingested/injected will dissolve flesh from inside out; beheading will kill (but extremely hard to achieve); removal of heart will also kill. Regeneration of flesh and internal structure is quick but not instantaneous. Wooden stake in heart and crucifix is not effective. Direct sunlight will burn and potentially cause spontaneous flame which can kill if demon does not get out of the way – alternatively it will heal. Body will turn to ash at death.

From Fighting Spirit:

He was a pure demon. Of Leech heritage, to better classify him. Vampires were the most common of the Leeches, but he was no vampire. This particular specimen had a deadly reputation for consuming female flesh. Oh goody!

Loyalist or Status Quo
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