Loyalist Angels

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Loyalist Angels

The Loyalist angels are the biggest group of angels and comprise of those who remain loyal to the Source. They continue to be guided by Him, and carry out His mission.

After the initial fall from Heaven of Lucifer and the other Infernals, a new category of angels were born–Loyalists. The Loyalists were so named to distinguish them from the Infernals and the Hidden.

The Loyalists maintain their belief in the Source, including His initial mission to perfect and protect his greatest creation: human souls. 

The Loyalists are divided into hierarchical groupings. Archangels are the generals who organize and lead the other “worker” angels–the Hoard. There are also two more groups, individuals who have been hand-picked from the Hoard to create the Advocates and the Watch.

In Earth terms, if the Watch were deemed to be the “special forces” or prize-warriors of the Hoard, then the Advocates would be compared to the highest level of judicial court.

Clairvoyance/Sixth Sense, Enhanced Strength/Speed, Fast Healing, Translocation, Camouflage/Invisibility
Hand-to-hand, Weaponry, Strategic Warcraft/Leadership
Not known/none
Angelic death blow
Loyalist or Status Quo
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