Mixed Breed Demons

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Mixed Breed Demons

Mixed breed demons are exactly that – they are the offspring of a pure-breed demon mating – whether that be an angelic origin/human origin mating or a mating of human origin but from different families of demons. Through these mating come the non-humanoid looking demons – or those who may have a few non-human looking aspects like a tail, horns etc. Though some still look human but may possess supernatural skills such as clairvoyance, empathy etc. As a rule – the pure-breed demons do not favourably on mixed breeds of any kind, though angelic origin/human origin offspring (first generation) tend to be tolerated.

Some strong mixed breed lines are tolerated more than others and have their own “genus”: empaths, clairvoyants, manipulators (energy/elemental), deceivers (can create confusion or glamour-like situations) etc.

Mixed breeds have been occasionally known to have more sympathy for humankind.

Effective Weapons: Anything that works! Usually mixed breeds are weaker than their pure-breed cousins and so more weapons are likely to work but it depends who they are descended from.

From Fighting Spirit:

… mixed-breeds were the hardest to pin down. Their incessant changes of allegiance led to bickering which fed the local media with a never-ending supply of stories. Usually minor squabbles, they invariably ended with the loss of a limb or two and just a colorful headline in the mid-pages (before the realty advertisements but after the TV schedules). Mixed-breeds knew their place—


These demons were mixed breeds. Sneaky as all hell. Since the Risings started, there were families of them everywhere, real mutts. Roamers who enjoyed violence and vandalism for the sake of it. They drove from town to town, chose their targets, then obliterated them, torturing and killing the residents and destroying any property they could get their hands on. Only if it had resale value did they keep it and find a buyer, the proceeds generally going on beer, drugs, and the sort of women who insisted on payment.

Loyalist or Status Quo
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