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Shifters – A group that can convert themselves between different human and/or animal forms. This group includes Werewolves, Black Dogs and human form shifters ie human shape to human shape. Generally, this group of demons feeds on carrion left by other demon kills, or eats animal remains. They rarely kill themselves but will fully take advantage of those who do will. They live strictly in their separate groups and rarely interact with others.

Effective weapons: silver entering their bodies will either immobilize or kill (a kill if enters heart); pure silver of any kind at close quarters can disorientate them; beheading with any weapon will kill. Revert to human form when dead and then rot as per human being. No regeneration potential. Injuries heal more rapidly than human.

From Skye Wolf:

John was fully wolf, humanity stripped from his animal form. He’d dropped to all fours, head held low, muscular shoulders rippling under a heavy coat of coarse black hair, a touch of red burnishing the tips in the moonlight. Dagger-like claws had emerged from outsize paws, and scraped crosshatches in the ground as he stalked in front of the shade, who held the cub’s leash tight. He kept to a distance of around ten feet, back and forth, back and forth, declaring his intention by flattening his ears to his skull, lips rolled back over pointed teeth, snarling.

Loyalist or Status Quo
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