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Soldiers – Highly organised and strong, this group of demons arrange themselves around loyalties to either family, geography or cause. Very loyal to each other. The most peaceful of all the demon groups but when threatened are unstoppable. May act as mercenaries. Each soldier contains a Core demon essence which they use rarely and keep very much in check. This group includes: xxxx  

Effective Weapons: Very hard to kill as they have immensely resilient internal skeletal structure and skin, tissue and internal organs will regenerate at speed. Due to this, they are some of the oldest demons living on Earth and would be immortal if it wasn’t for the ability to kill them with a metal blade or arrow through an eye and into the brain. Any metal that is strong enough to penetrate. The barb must penetrate the brain fully. Cannot be decapitated – spinal column is like steel. Can feel pain so can be tortured but non-effective as they will never turn on their cause, country or family.

From Fighting Spirit:

He was a Soldier, undoubtedly the toughest of the four demon pure-breed types: loyal, with steel-like bones and regenerative powers that challenged even a vampire’s. “They also have a ‘Core’ demon inside them—pure primitive, animal-type dude. Lethal!”


The world moved in slow motion to the inner demon, swirls of scent gave way to color and vibration that guided it toward its goal. It dropped to its haunches, talons forcing their way through the tips of its outstretched fingers, and vicious teeth pushing up through its jaws. The agony motivated it, driving it forward; and it howled with rage and an insatiable desire to reach its prey.

Loyalist or Status Quo
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