The Watch

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The Watch

The elite force--or black ops--of the angelic entities. Once a mission is in motion, the angel from the Watch will not stop until completion or death.

The best of the best, the members of the Watch are drawn from the Hoard. All members of the Watch must have experienced at least one life on Earth in human form.

Often their missions will take a millennia to complete, but once in motion, they will not stop.

Sleeper soldiers (Sleepers) are drawn from this group. These are individual angels on deep cover assignments which involve their essence being held ready, and then injected into the body of an appropriate human life, until the time is just right for them to emerge, remember their mission, and go into action.

The missions themselves are designed to influence events that threaten the all out destruction of the Source’s goal. Events and those involved in them, are positioned in such a way that humankind is given options

On the surface missions can sometimes appear incongruent to the notion of “good”. Death, destruction, illness, even plague or annihilation may be necessary. But there is always a mission that the Watch is moving towards which is considered beneficial to the notion of the Source’s goal.

The individuals in the Watch are driven by faith above all things. And their faith in the Source is stronger even than their faith in the human soul.

From Hero Worship:

They call us The Watch. It’s all unnecessary dramatics, if you ask me.” She sighed and straightened her skirt, pulling it back down to just above her knees. “We’re a small band of angels tasked with watching how the great problems in the world unfold. The big show-stopping events that could go a few different ways, like Hitler and his lust for power, or Gandhi leading his followers to freedom. It’s all a ‘free-will’ thing. We can’t intervene as such, but we can ‘assist’ or ‘resist’ if it looks like all out destruction could result. Our role is to provide other alternatives. To plan them, lay the groundwork if you like, and then prepare for each option the human race may choose.

Clairvoyance/Sixth Sense, Enhanced Strength/Speed, Fast Healing, Translocation, Camouflage/Invisibility
Defensive spell-craft, Hand-to-hand, Weaponry, Strategic Warcraft/Leadership, Reconnaissance, Tracking
Not known/none
Angelic death blow
Loyalist or Status Quo
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