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Tricksters – this group uses nature’s elements to disguise themselves allowing infiltration and maximum harm especially when attacking buildings, geographical areas etc. They do not tend to be interested in one to one battles but tend to lay waste to area when working in groups and then occupy it – or else work alone if a prime target is identified. They have few loyalties and like living luxury lives (not even to each other) and are the mostly common mercenaries – following the money. They are unpredictable however and get bored easily which can make them difficult to keep focused and dangerous to be around – even for other demons.

Effective Weapons: The most effective weapons are other tricksters. Fire demons for example are the best way to distinguish the Air demons. They must be consumed completely by their opposing element to die – even a speck of one left alive can regenerate fully.

From Skye Wolf:

Close up, he was horrifying.

Under his skin, red energy fizzed through his veins, casting an eerie glow. It heated the space around him making me break out in another layer of sweat, and intensifying his aroma. Trickster demons carry their death forever with them. It’s reflected in their eyes, or depicted in their appearance somehow, I think to remind them of the fallibility of their human form, and the escape they had been granted.

It looked like Trader had lost his life on the pyre.

Loyalist or Status Quo
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