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hero worship - Dark Urban Rising Book 2

Billy just wants to fit it. So, why does he insist he can fly?

For rich technomancer, Billy Nadig, life’s a game: he lives in a cool East London penthouse, has a bedroom stocked with blond-haired lovelies, and an unhealthy obsession with women’s shoes. But when Billy is told he’s a Sleeper, awoken by Heaven to stop his best friend, Tazia—a half-vampire girl—make a decision that could destroy the world, even he realizes it’s time to get serious.

Billy’s agonizing transformation couldn’t come at a worse time: demons are rising, evil angels take center stage, and an indomitable mercenary continues to dog his every step. Saving the Earth will take both hard fighting and hard choices, maybe even the ultimate sacrifice—to kill his best friend. But if she dies, who will save Billy?

With his perfect hair and a slick line in chat, Billy says he’s just trying to fit in. But in the second of the Dark Urban Rising trilogy, “fitting in” takes him to another level entirely. Hero Worship is a supernatural thriller set on the streets of modern-day London, Las Vegas, and Boston. It digs into the darkness, with not a small amount of blood and gritty humor.

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This second offering of the series finds Billy getting in touch with his inner being, Soren hopelessly chasing after Tazia, Tazia getting in touch with her inner bad girl, and Cuinn not exactly where we left him. A worthy sequel to the first book.
Just finished Book 3 of the Written by Birds [Dark Urban Rising] Trilogy by S.M.Henley. While each book has its own climax, this one really ends all three stories, which is why I am posting one review after the final installment. This is a most satisfying read. I’ve read a considerable amount of urban fantasy and this one is right up there with the best. The characters are original and each one has her/his appeal and an interesting character arc. The plot keeps you turning pages through this dark world where demons are gaining on humans. I recommend the entire series.
Excellent dystopian fantasy!
Loved this books the characters had depth and the story was well writen get this series if possible loved it.
If you loved Dark Urban Rising, try  
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 , it's set in the same world!
If you loved Dark Urban Rising, try  
Skye Quest
 it's set in the same world!

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