raw deal- Dark Urban Rising Book 3

Good guys don’t make deals with demons. Do they?

The world is approaching the Tipping Point—when the rising demons will outnumber humankind. Assassin for hire, Soren Huxford, needs to pick a side. It should be easy; he’s human after all and so is Tazia, the girl he loves and his first priority. But when the only demon he respects calls in a favor, Hux faces an impossible choice: hold true to humanity or prove his loyalty by throwing-down alongside the demons.

Set against a backdrop of imminent disaster, where fighting the demons from his past are as real as those leaping from each dark corner, Soren needs to get a grip or he may become a monster too. And what about the girl? If he picks the wrong side, will he lose her forever?

Still with its gritty humor intact, Raw Deal is the darkest of the Dark Urban Rising trilogy. Though Hux leads the charge, this third and final book brings him back together with Tazia and Billy to face the day of reckoning. Raw Deal is a supernatural thriller set on the streets of modern-day Las Vegas, Detroit, and Turin. Blood is guaranteed.

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What are readers saying about RAW DEAL?

Just finished Book 3 of the Written by Birds [Dark Urban Rising] Trilogy by S.M.Henley. While each book has its own climax, this one really ends all three stories, which is why I am posting one review after the final installment. This is a most satisfying read. I’ve read a considerable amount of urban fantasy and this one is right up there with the best. The characters are original and each one has her/his appeal and an interesting character arc. The plot keeps you turning pages through this dark world where demons are gaining on humans. I recommend the entire series.
This third book in the Written by Birds series focuses on Soren's inner world. Oy, the things that boy has gone through! There's a triple-cross afoot here, only who is crossing whom?
Loved this books the characters had depth and the story was well writen get this series if possible loved it.
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 , it's set in the same world!
If you loved Dark Urban Rising, try  
Skye Quest
 it's set in the same world!

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